Service Work

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Research Methods | Data Analysis 

I provide a variety of in-house workshops covering research and data analysis techniques. 

For example, in this Qualitative Data Analysis primer, I walked members of Peel Regional Paramedic Service's Culture and Engagement division through the philosophical positions of qualitative research and the specific techniques for analyzing free-text narrative comments collected during surveys. Finally, I concluded by facilitating a hands-on exercise that involved analyzing segments of data using the principles of qualitative data coding.

In this Participant Observation Research seminar, I trained members of Peel Regional Paramedic Services in the basic techniques of conducting ethnographic field observations. This was part of a larger evaluation of a pilot wellness program being implemented and was intended to gather multiple sources of data to inform program development recommendations. 

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Literature Reviews
Evidence Review | Critical Appraisal 

I conduct various types of in-depth reviews of published research and 'grey literature' to summarize, synthesize, and critically appraise the scientific community's knowledge about a particular topic or the strength of the evidence for a specific treatment, intervention or program. Literature reviews of this kind help inform policy and guide decision-making by incorporating research evidence. Recent topics have included employee wellness, organizational culture, workplace violence, and the benefits of therapy dog interactions. 

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Program Evaluation
Quality Improvement | Evaluation 

I lead or advise on a variety of program evaluation and quality improvement studies that use quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches to monitor current trends in employee wellness and evaluate the implementation of workplace wellness programs. This has included, for example, gathering and analyzing data in line with the Standard for Psychological Health and Safety at Work, conducting employee surveys to monitor workplace stress, and evaluating wellness programs. The results from these various studies are prepared into written reports and presentations for decision-makers and, when combined with literature reviews, help guide evidence-informed decision-making in the workplace.